The Ditec WEL by OBriens Automatic Systems is the new automation for automatic swing doors.

Fully featured, sturdy, versatile and quiet, it is perfect for all swing door automation including disabled access doors and emergency exits.

Designed to offer a versatile and fully featured solution, this automation has a set of distinctive features allowing it to be used in a wide range of operating conditions.

Following are the features of the Ditec WEL automatic swing door operator:

  • Opened and closed by a motor
  • Opened by a motor and closed by a spring
  • On emergency exits
  • On fireproof doors
  • Low energy for disabled access

Sturdy, hard wearing and quiet the Ditec WEL from OBriens Automatic Systems is suitable for heavy duty applications. With new and smart design and clean lines, the WEL complies with the European Standards.