Ditec Globe 7 Garage Door Openers from OBriens Automatic Systems have a sturdy motor incorporated into their design that is reliable and safe to operate. Their design is also aesthetically pleasing and will enhance and not detract from the environment in which it is housed.

The unit is installed onto the ceiling of the garage; it comes with a Ditec control and is able to automate all models of sectional balancing garage doors. The encoder acts as a safety device managing the stroke, speed and slow-down of the sectional door. The encoder will also detect obstacles during opening and closing of the garage door.

Ditec Globe 7 Garage Door Openers have a number of distinctive features. The control panel is incorporated with quadruple functionality and their 24V DC motor guarantees a high level of operating safety.

The customer can also request internal knob and remote controlled cord release systems if desired. These garage door openers operate on a chain driven system but there is also the option of a belt drive system for quieter operation. The belt drive system is inserted into the steel running guides.

These garage door openers come complete with a built in control panel with courtesy light and all assembly accessories. They are easy to install as there is no masonry work involved.