Sliding gates require flexible automations, ability to control various frame sizes, different transit rates and changing environmental situations. The siding gates should also ensure good conditions of operating safety, functionality and reliability.

The rugged Ditec Cross 5EH electric gate openers from OBriens Automatic Systems are suitable for gates up to 400kg.

Following are the features of the Ditec Cross 5EH sliding gate motor from OBriens Automatic Systems:

  • It is suitable for frequent residential service
  • 24V DC version with encoder and adjustable opening and closing speed
  • Easy key release for manual operation in case of power failure
  • Integrated electronic panel with easy-access on-board radio
  • ABS modern-design casing
  • Courtesy light optional
  • Pedestrian opening standard
  • Adjustable opening speed can open at 0.16 or 0.25m/s
  • Easily accessible, built-in electronic control panel with integrated radio
  • Easy key lock release through removable cover opening
  • Internal provision for photocells
  • New and special limit-switch brackets which are elongated and shaped so as to enable perfect adjustment and prevent accidental limit-switch disengagement