The BFT Virgo kit from OBriens Automatic Systems is a swing gate operator and suitable for residential use. It is suitable for leaf lengths of up to 2m and for gates weighing up to 200kg. The Virgo kit is suitable for DIY installation.

Following are features of the BFT Virgo swing gate operator:

  • Compact shape with minimum dimensions and articulated arm.
  • Versatile installation even on small pillars.
  • Maximum anti-squash safety guaranteed by a special electronic device, adjustable for each motor, and inverts the direction in case of obstacles in opening and closing.
  • The irreversible operator, fitted with mechanical stops, keeps the gate locked in the open or closed position.
  • Features of control panel, with integrated receiver and limit switches for both directions of travel, assuring safety and quality.
  • Photo test function that automatically checks correct photocell operation.
  • Easy programming with the help of a control unit fitted with a three-key display panel.
  • Slowdown may be set at three different speeds during both opening and closing (from the built in control panel).

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Virgo, operator with incorporated control board with display and rolling-code receiver.
  • 1 x Virgo SQ, (Virgo Slave – without control unit)
  • 2 x Mitto 2 12V double-channel rolling code transmitter

Main characteristics:

  • Irreversible type electromechanical operator for the automation of swing leaf gates for residential use
  • Virgo is provided with an articulated arm, electric torque limiter on the control panel, limit devices on opening and closing
  • Control panel incorporated LINX
  • Back up battery kit (optional)

Main specifications:

  • Supply 24V DC
  • Power 40W
  • Leaf speed 6°
  • Maximum torque 320N
  • Maximum leaf weight 2000N
  • Maximum leaf length 2000mm