The BFT Deimos from OBriens Automatic Systems is an affordable solution for automating residential sliding gates up to 500kg in weight. The BFT Deimos is a low voltage irreversible gear motor, which offers versatility and safety.
Following are the features of the BFT Deimos:

  • Design and practicality
  • Aesthetic innovation and improved guard solidity
  • Safe and simplified release maneouver by means of an ergonomic knob
  • Anti-Squash safety provided by a special electronic device adjustable both on opening and closing and inverts the direction in case of obstacles
  • Back up battery unit inside the motor casing (optional SB BAT)
  • Easier access to the control panel provided by the control board located on the front
  • Built in double channel rolling code receiver
  • Control panel prearranged for EElink protocol
  • Available in the inductive limit switch version (by using the FCM Kit)
The BFT Deimos is suitable for DIY installation.