Bay Gate, available from OBriens Automatic Systems , is an automatic parking bollard designed for car space protection.

Bay Gate offers the following benefits. It

  • Protects personal parking bays
  • Protects staff parking areas
  • Prevents entry to private roads
  • Prevents public access to warehouses and storage yards

Bay Gate, automatic parking bollard is the simple way to save the hassle caused by unauthorised parking in the reserved parking bay.

With the convenience of remote control operation from the comfort of the user’s vehicle, Bay Gate positively prevents anyone from parking in the car space and  deters the would-be vehicle thieves.

The remote control has to be activated, when driving up to the parking space to lower the Bay Gate arm. Once the vehicle is parked in its parking bay, the remote control is activated again to raise the arm, which then secures the vehicle in its designated parking bay.

The Bay Gate is value for money as it does not cost much more than a manual parking bollard, but offers more convenience.

  • Convenience – Forget getting out of the car to raise or lower a bollard. Bay Gate is operated by remote control from the comfort of vehicle
  • Value for money – Bay Gate does not cost much more than a manual parking bollard – so much convenience for little cost
  • Security – Ensuring safety in a dark car park requires getting into or away from the parking area as quickly as possible. Bay Gate is operable from the safe confines of vehicles.
  • Inexpensive to run – A set of conventional D-Cell batteries lasts more than 12-months
  • Easy to install – Only three fixing screws are required to install Bay Gate in under 20 minutes
  • High visibility – Bay Gate is fitted with high visibility, class 2 decals to ensure visibility both day and night
  • Low maintenance – Bay Gate does not require any programmed maintenance operations. The Bay Gate batteries offer more than 12-months of operation between replacements
  • Fast to operate – Bay Gate takes less than 7 seconds to raise and lower
  • Strength – Bay Gate will withstand a tyre load of 5 tonnes, making it ideal for use with commercial and heavy vehicles
  • Safety – The Bay Gate arm stops and reverses if it contacts the underside of a vehicle. The arm also stops if it contacts feet or fingers – eliminating any risk of personal injury