Nylex Films & Fabrics  provides a diverse range of products including walling, partitions, carpets and healthcare fabrics. Walling and partitions designed by Nylex Films & Fabrics form a perfect solution for several commercial applications. These economical solutions are suitable for walls, partitions, screens and display boards. These walling and partitions are available in different colours and textures.

Flexiclad partition laminates from Nylex Films & Fabrics possess vinyl surface finish and have been specifically designed for demountable wall systems. These partition laminates can also be used on work stations, commercial and domestic doors, modular building panels as well as demountable office partitions. Flexiclad partition laminates are available in different colours and textures. Some of its unique features include toughness, vinyl surface finish, resistance to dirt, scratching, peeling and fading, minimal maintenance and easy to clean.

Melded fabrics walling offered by Nylex Films & Fabrics can be used in places like cinemas, office interiors, healthcare and leisure industries. Front Runner fabrics walling are stable wall coverings that have been specifically designed to be used on partitions, walls, shopfittings, pinboards and exhibition panels.

Nylex Films & Fabrics offers a diverse range of carpets that include Cubix collection, Hemisphere, Orbit and Tequila. Cubix collections of carpets provided by Nylex Films & Fabrics are available in eight different colours. These carpets are ideal for various commercial installations.