Nylex Films & Fabrics  offers a distinctive range of kitchen and bathroom laminates, pool finishes and pool covers. Kitchen and bathroom laminates designed by Nylex Films & Fabrics are suitable for commercial as well as residential sectors. These laminates have the ability to adapt onto any shape as well as possess resistance against scratching and moisture. Different kitchen and bathroom laminates offered by Nylex Films & Fabrics include Nylex Colorino and Nylex Colorboard.

Colorino series of laminates from Nylex Films & Fabrics can be used for the manufacture of various moulded furniture components such as bathroom as well as kitchen doors. These laminates offer various beneficial features including sealing of moisture, resistance to scratches, easy to clean, no chipping as well as does not require to be painted. Colorino laminates are available in diverse range of colours and specifically suitable for vertical as well as medium duty horizontal surfaces.

Pool finishes offered by Nylex Films & Fabrics include Aqualux and Aquaforce. Aqualux pool finish has been specifically designed to suit diverse weather conditions. This pool finish consists of multilayered construction that offers protection to the pool from ultraviolet rays, harmful chemicals, algal as well as fungal growth.