Nylex Films & Fabrics  specialises in the manufacture and supply of decorative fabrics, membranes, films and pool finishes. These decorative fabrics, films and pool finishes designed by Nylex Films & Fabrics are ideal for various industries including construction, automotive industry, marine, mining, agriculture and outdoor leisure.

Comprehensive products offered by Nylex Films & Fabrics include upholstery, marine boat hooding and healthcare fabrics. Upholsteries from Nylex Films & Fabrics are available in varied stylish designs that have been specifically designed to suit both residential as well as commercial sectors. Nylex Films & Fabrics provides different types of residential upholstery.

Bellabode residential upholsteries designed by Nylex Films & Fabrics possess smooth feel in combination with a distinctive look. This upholstery enables to create a classy home interior. Buckskin upholstery is made from vinyl coated fabrics with varied features including durability, unique texture and soft hide surface.

Nylex Films & Fabrics offers automotive upholstery that includes Roadrunner series of upholstery. These upholsteries have been exclusively designed for automotive industry because of its features such as expandable fabric, resistance to cracking and strong colour fastness.

Mariner boat hooding manufactured by Nylex Films & Fabrics comprises of features that include waterproof texture, cost effective, easy to fabricate and specifically designed to tolerate harsh climatic conditions.