Nuplex Construction Products  has introduced the RapidShield protective flooring system to the Australian industrial flooring market, bringing with it a raft of benefits over traditional epoxy flooring coatings.

RapidShield protective flooring systems have enjoyed years of success in the US and Europe, due to their durability and virtually instant application speed. The system's one component formulation means there is no time-consuming mixing, and even more time is saved thanks to RapidShield’s ability to allow traffic on a recoated floor in just minutes. Costly operational shutdowns while recoating takes place is now a thing of the past.

The durable, seamless bond of this protective flooring system will protect and increase the life of a new or existing concrete floor by resisting abrasion, chemicals, impact and scratches.

Additionally, because it lasts longer than typical epoxies, frequent recoating is unecessary with RapidShield protective flooring systems. Furthermore, RapidShield’s hard, glossy surface is easy to clean and maintain. All-in-all this durability means significant reductions in paint, wax and VOCs.

RapidShield protective floor systems also carry a number of important safety features to keep in line with increasing OH&S stipulations. RapidShield contains no VOCs, is solvent-free and nonflammable. Furthermore, RapidShield’s paint system for safety striping and signs will last up to five times longer than conventional solvent paint lines, providing a range of safey benefits.

RapidShield protective flooring systems are ideal for application in:

  • railway station concourses
  • large scale food manufacturing plants
  • aircraft component manufacturing plants
  • automotive stamping plants
  • car manufacturers
  • truck and equipment assembly plants
  • cardboard manufacturing plants.