Nuplex Construction Products has manufactured seamless polymer flooring systems called Hydroflor, which combines three popular products in one:

  • Surecote 200 - 100% solids epoxy basecoat in fawn or grey OR Aquakem water based epoxy basecoat in white
  • Hydroflor vinyl chips - available in a number of colours
  • Surecote 200 Clear - modified epoxy with light blockers

Hydroflor polymer flooring systems are for interior use on concrete and other stable surfaces. Features include seamless finish, easy to clean and durable. The combination of Hydroflor with Terraflake is not recommended in classrooms, canteens, rumpus rooms, child care centres etc. due to the solvent odour caused.

The use of Surecote 2000 in Hydroflor polymer flooring systems not only acts as a hardener and topcoat, it can also act as a non-slip surface if combined with small glass beads, garnet or silica sand.