Available now from Nuplex Construction Products , Architectural Terrazzite is a resin based terrazzo flooring product designed to recreate the shine of polished marble floors.

Architectural Terrazzite is a synthetic, monolithic floor topping that combines a broad range of design features and colour options with long term durability, making it ideal creating decorative floors that experience high levels of foot traffic.

A blend of coloured polyester resin, coloured marble aggregates, and fillers, this terrazzo flooring product is trowelled over concrete, tiles, or terrazzo surfaces to give the appearance of insitu terrazzo without some of the disadvantages that come with the real thing.

Particular advantages of using this resin based terrazzo flooring product as a substitute for terrazzo tiles include:

  • no grout lines
  • no set downs required
  • free form design
  • full colour spectrum
  • cost competitive
  • guaranteed system
  • approved applicators
  • similar maintenance.

Additional benefits of using Architectural Terrazzite on refurbishment projects inclue:

  • fast curing
  • pedestrian access in three hours
  • work is done at night meaning there is no loss of trade
  • no dust or noise
  • no demolition or major excavation
  • less than 8mm thick
  • overcoats terrazzo.