Remedial Building Services Australia was engaged to supply and install an epoxy flooring solution at a CSIRO lab in West Lindfield.

CSIRO sought a suitable flooring system to provide a seamless non-slip solution during the recent refurbishment of a laboratory and office. Remedial applied Sikafloor 261, 2-3mm self levelling anti-slip epoxy to all areas as well as 100mm epoxy coving to all floor and wall junctions.

The removal of existing tiles and parquetry flooring had extensively damaged the substrate. Called in to rectify these defects, RBS spent two days on slab repairs and building epoxy mortar ramps to ease the transition between varying substrate levels. On completion, the entire area was prepared by vacuum shrouded diamond grinding and scarifying to remove any surface contamination.

The newly prepared floor was then primed using Sikafloor 156 primer and allowed to cure overnight. Following this, Sikafloor 261 self levelling epoxy mortar was trowelled at 2-3mm thick to all prepared surfaces and once again allowed to cure overnight. The next stage involved installing new 100mm epoxy coving to all floor and wall junctions in conjunction with the first coat of sealer. Finally the system was completed with a second coat of sealer and installation of Sikaflex 11fc to any existing expansion and control joints.

The entire project was completed in just one week and met all the requirements of the detailed specifications. The aesthetically pleasing flooring solution once again demonstrated the suitability of epoxy paint for concrete surfaces.