Nufurn - Commercial Furniture Solutions  are often asked how to choose the right banquet chairs. Here are some suggestions to help customers in their decision making.

  • What will be the main use of the banquet seating? Will it be for casual every-day bistro use, or is it for use during functions as wedding chairs or business seminars and corporate events?
  • Does a multi-purpose type of banquet chair that will accommodate both short-term and long-term patrons is needed?
  • What style banquet chair is wanted - traditional and mainstream or elegant and contemporary?
  • Will the banquet chairs be on the floor all the time or will they be wheeled out when required and put away between uses?
  • Is storage an issue? Banquet chairs stack 5 to 15 high.

These are important considerations that go into making the right decision about the banquet chairs to choose.

All Nufurn banquet chairs are made to order, which means customers can have precisely the furniture they need, made to their own specifications. All Nufurn banquet chair frames are fully-welded.