Nufurn - Commercial Furniture Solutions offers a range of table bases featuring FLAT technology.FLAT is a remarkable levelling and stabilising technology that is incorporated at the design stage, meaning there is no clumsy, bolt-on afterthought solution.

A series of interconnected actuators or feet that communicate information about the floor surface conditions via multi lumen tubes to the FLAT smart system. This results in constant stability of the table, regardless of how often the table is moved from place to place.

Objects manufactured with the FLAT technology will instantly find their level on any uneven surface, with the applications load distributed evenly over each foot.

The FLAT table base technology is available in several series, including:

  • The original FLAT table-base
  • Kirribilli FLAT table-base
  • Sila FLAT table-base
  • Ulladulla FLAT table-base; and
  • Westbury FLAT table-base
The table base instant stabilisation smart system is engineered for durability with the high quality casting having almost 3 times the aluminium used in standard bases.


FLAT technology provides a firm footing for practically everything.