Seccua ultra filtration technology has been used in the range of compact, lightweight and versatile Nubian Water Systems for use in domestic, high performance industrial, commercial and municipal, due to their excellent reputation. Nubian Water System’s advanced treatment process involves the treatment and recycling of water to reduce environmental impacts and save money. The entire range is very compact and lightweight, making it easy to install, and has been approved by most Australian regulatory bodies.

The Seccua UF system has three different designs to suit all purpose, X Spot Pro, Virex Pro, and Phoenix. They use 0.025 micron hollow fibre and a virus removal of more than four logs. The units are fully self contained and use a Smart Control system. The Seccua UF system is highly chemical resistant and uses an automatic backwash only when required.

The X Spot Pro has a domestic point of entry system with Smart Control, and produces 60 litres per minute at peak flow. It saves water by avoiding unnecessary interruptions to the water supply and only cleans when the membrane is fouled. The membrane is protected from damage from the water hammer, and the user is notified when the membrane must be replaced.

The Virex Pro has a capacity of 5 metres cubed per hour and the Phoenix has 35 metres cubed capacity per hour. Both have automatic online integrity testing and chemically enhanced cleaning when required. There is also an SMS alert transmission and full remote control function available in both the Virex Pro and Phoenix Suecca ultra filtration units.