The Australian Government is designing the Headquarters for the 16th Aviation Brigade and the Army Aviation Systems Branch, Defence Materiel Organisation to obtain a 4 star green rating. Located in Enoggera, Queensland, this facility is part of a $168M Multi‐Role Helicopter Facilities project.

A grey water recycling system from Nubian Water Systems  has been employed to provide recycled water to flush toilets, and this potable water substitution has been designed to make sure the building achieves the 30% water use reduction requirement, contributing to the green star rating.

The 4,400 sqm facility services 200 personnel from the 16th Aviation Brigade and the Army Aviation Systems Branch.

The Nubian CGT2-60 grey water recycling system can treat 6,000 litres of water per day. Shower and hand basin greywater is collected, and the treated water is recycled for use in toilet flushing. As the Nubian water recycling system is skid mounted, full factory testing occurs prior to delivery.

The grey water recycling system is fully automated using Nubian’s multi-tier microprocessor control system. This combined with the Hydroguard 702 on-line water quality analyser allows off site monitoring of system performance.

Nubian specialises in greywater, stormwater and rainwater recycling.