Nubian Water Systems  recently completed the installation of a 17,000 Lpd OASIS Greywater recycling system at the new Dickson Apartments Building in Little Bay, New South Wales.

The building consists of 42 luxury apartments, with the greywater from bathrooms and laundries being sent to the OASIS system for treatment and recycling. Recycled water will be re-used in the apartments for toilet flushing and clothes washing.

The skid mounted system consists of eight OASIS GT2K biofilter units, in parallel, followed by multiple barrier disinfection consisting of UV and ultrafiltration. Sodium hypochlorite is injected into the treated water, to provide a residual chlorine level, as required by the NSW DWE Guidelines.

The system is completely automated and incorporates a Hydroguard 702 on-line water quality analyser.

Ultrafiltration is provided by the novel application of Homespring 0.02 micron ultrafiltration purifiers.

The modular, flexible nature of the OASIS system allow Nubian Water Systems to accommodate a number of plant room design changes, by simply reorganising the layout of the system to meet changing space availability.