Nubian Water Systems  provide a number of technically advanced and unique water filtration systems for domestic, commercial, industrial and mining in Australia. The advanced treatments provided by Nubian Water Systems reduce water consumption, save money, and reduce environmental impact. Landscapers are being encouraged to follow global trends and use sustainable design and building practices, made possible with the use of Nubian Water Systems GT600. The GT600 is compact and lightweight, making it easy to install.

The GT600, using Nubian technology, can filter recycled grey water so that it is suitable for landscapers to use for irrigation. Grey water is water from shower, baths, hand basins and the laundry, and is now approved for internal and external use by most Australian States and Local Council areas. The grey water is efficiently recycled to a high quality level and enables the landscaper to reduce water consumption by up to 40%.

The GT600 is chemical free and is housed in a streamlined unit. The grey water is passed through a pre-screen where solids and water are separated. A biological treatment filters the water before it is passed through an ultra violet steriliser. The water is stored in a tank for future use. There are a number of different sizes including single dwellings for residential and large capacity dwellings for commercial projects.