Are good quality roller shutters expensive? Do you have to pay a high price just to secure your property? Not necessarily. While people do tend to associate a high price tag with good quality, in many instances, it’s just the opposite. Plenty of inferior goods come with a high price tag while many top notch ones are surprisingly affordable. Finding the right supplier is key to getting the best cost-quality balance for your roller shutters.

But do you really need to invest in a roller shutter? The rising crime figures in many Perth suburbs underline the need to secure both commercial and residential properties. Many people are feeling increasingly vulnerable in their own homes; although they know there shouldn’t be any compromise on the issue of personal safety, many feel that security features such as roller shutters are out of their financial reach.

The sluggish WA economy is also making matters worse with many people having to tighten their belts and put projects on the backburner while they ride out the tough times.

According to Nu-Style Shutters, there’s no need to compromise one’s safety and security in a tough economy, or pay a high price for it. It’s all about knowing where to find quality products at affordable prices as well as friendly financing solutions to support the purchase.

A homeowner living in one of Perth’s suburbs, for example, would like to install aluminium roller shutters on their home’s windows because they want to enhance their family’s safety and security. They know that the blinds would be an excellent physical and visual deterrent to potential intruders and that they would add value to the property.

Roller shutters will also provide excellent protection against the fierce WA sun and other extreme weather conditions, and help keep their home cool in summer and warm in winter. The savings from the reduced energy bills would help their monthly budget and they will have the added benefit of being able to block out noisy neighbours when they want some peace and quiet.

However, even though the homeowners are aware of the substantial benefits of roller shutters, they think they can’t afford them. This is because they don’t know where to find quality, affordable roller shutters in Perth or about the availability of innovative financing schemes.

With Nu Style Shutters, homeowners will not only get top quality security shutters and roller blinds at a surprisingly good price, they will also receive advice on financing plans. Thousands of Perth families have bought roller shutters and outdoor blinds with the help of a financing scheme that doesn’t charge interest on amounts owed. These easy financing schemes are provided by Certegy Ezi-Pay, an established finance house that sets up simple payment plans for purchases with affordable and convenient fortnightly direct debits.