Nu-Lok Roofing Systems introduce Nu-Lok solar roofing inserts, designed to integrate into the roofline rather than be fixed on top of it.

The key component of Nu-Lok solar roofing inserts is that they can be fitted neatly into the roofline, meaning the roofline remains clear of the unslightly structures that are often necessary with old solar roofing systems, and that all Australian roofs could potentially become a source of energy without sacrificing the aesthetics of the home that support it.

The sun provides the most renewable energy source on earth, and by simply and efficiently harnessing this energy through solar photovoltaic panels this energy can be converted into clean electricity to power lighting and appliances in the home. This is known as solar energy, and advances in technology mean nowadays only daylight, not necessarily sunlight, is required to generate solar power

Nu-Lok solar roofing inserts convert light directly into electricity, without generating any waste or harmful greenhouse gases and saving approximately 450kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year for each kW peak installed.

Harnessing the sun’s energy with Nu-lok solar roofing inserts and converting it into electricity will not only reduce or even eliminate eectricity bills, it will also reduce the daily impact on the environment. It doesn't matter which system size is selected, from day one the benefits from producing clean electricity directly on the property will be seen.