Nu-Lok Roofing Systems  is specialised in the supply of roofing systems. Roofing system offered by Nu-Lok Roofing Systems retains the simplicity and provides an efficient and structurally stable roofing. It has many unique features such as its light weight, composed of little materials and easy to install. It is cost effective and requires less maintenance. It is designed and developed in Australia.

Nu-Lok roof system can tolerate diverse climatic conditions and comprises of lightweight galvanised steel grid system. It consists of link channels which contains high grade 316 steel clip in order to secure the tile edge and locked in place between the steel battens. The link channel ensures that the double lapping of the slates is avoided. This system requires fewer slates and labour involved is also less.

Nu-Lok roof system designed by Nu-Lok Roofing Systems makes use of the ceramic slate which is baked at 1200C and ensures it has good strength for a roofer to walk on it. The colour of the roofing system does not fade even after a long period of time. Shingles can be replaced very easily and quickly without the usage of any tools.