Hay and fodder sheds from Now Buildings stand out for several reasons – better design, greater strength and customisability are some of the benefits delivered to you when you invest in one.

Here are 5 benefits of hay and fodder sheds from Now Buildings:

1. More Clearance

Now Buildings designs their hay and fodder sheds without knee braces, eliminating any scope for wasted space when it comes to hay and fodder storage. Typically found in farming sheds, knee braces are generally used to reduce the size and gauge of the columns and rafters on the shed, thereby lowering the production cost for shed manufacturers.

However, the large knee braces can be quite intrusive when loading from the gable end. This can get tricky when loading large hay bales – running into these braces with hay and/or the loader can weaken the structure and in extreme cases, cause the portal to collapse.

Instead, Now Buildings uses larger columns and rafters and heavy duty haunch brackets. This design maximises the space for stacking hay right up to the roof, and also allows you to load and unload your hay hassle-free.

2. Stronger Design

Strength is a vital performance requirement when it comes to hay storage sheds. Regardless of the weather or climate outside, it’s important for farmers to have hay and fodder sheds that can protect their produce from the harshest of conditions ranging from severe storms to extreme droughts. Hay and fodder sheds need to be strong enough to withstand the elements as well as store your hay safely. For instance, the shed walls should be able to bear the weight of hay bales and even entire stacks of hay that may have fallen over. These sheds should, therefore, be strong enough to support the hay without compromising the integrity of the structure.

Some of the design improvements applied by Now Buildings on their hay and fodder sheds include:

  • Reducing the spacing between the side and end wall girts: Decreasing these structural battens helps distribute any extra load that may be placed on them;
  • 4.5m bay spacing: This accommodates the average Australian hay bale size better, and also provides a closer and greater fixing point for your wall girts;
  • 0.47 TCT (Total Coating Thickness) BlueScope Steel sheeting for all wall sheeting: This high tensile cladding is thicker and stronger than the 0.35 TCT sheeting, which is often used in farm sheds to reduce costs.

3. Large Open Access

Hay and fodder sheds from Now Buildings are designed to allow large, open access to your hay bales so that you can store and retrieve your hay with ease. Both gables are open in these produce sheds, allowing you to load and unload or access your hay easily from either side.

4. Customised to Suit your Needs

Every farmer has unique needs when it comes to their farms. From environment and climate to the layout of the property itself, the shed must suit your specific needs. That’s why all our sheds can be customised to fit your produce storage requirements.

5. Extendable

When you invest in a hay and fodder shed from Now Buildings, you can be sure it will accommodate your storage needs well into the future. Rest assured, as a primary producer, when your business or need for storage space grows, your Now Buildings shed will too. All sheds from Now Buildings including hay and fodder sheds are easily extendable, allowing you to add to your existing structure at any time in the future. You can also add lean-tos and extra bays to the front or back of your hay and fodder shed to match your existing colour and structure.