Novaproducts Global presents modified clay products that can be customised for flooring and cladding applications.

The new unfired clay flooring and cladding products provide a cost-effective solution for any surface application from furniture laminates and thin wall paper in interior works to the exterior of high rise buildings as thick limestone or for flooring in both internal and external spaces.

Offering unlimited creativity options, modified clay material is a technological innovation launched in 2008, wherein the base material, clay, is constituted without a high temperature heating process. Highly versatile as it can be like soft plastic or reasonably hard, modified clay products feature colour tones naturally derived from virgin clay without any use of colour pigments.

Modified clay material can be shaped in roll, piece, board and panel forms using the unfired manufacturing process, which helps retain the natural characteristics of virgin clay, ensuring fire retarding, breathability, non-toxic, durability, and recyclability benefits. Modified clay also displays temperature control and moisture control properties.

Modified clay materials offer various unfired clay products for interior and exterior decoration including flooring and cladding as well as furniture laminates. Modified clay is also a substitute for traditional road pavement using stone aggregates, asphalt or concrete or even in track field or gym flooring.

To suit the broad application range, modified clay materials are available as boards, sectional materials, engraving form and leather texture, which are widely used in furniture, construction and automobile industries.