Novaproducts Global supplied TacAlert individual directional tactile indicators and individual stainless steel tactile indicators for installation at the Perth Airport.

Novaproducts TacAlert stainless steel individual tactile indicators were the chosen solution for providing vision impaired pedestrians with orientation information by means of tactile perception at the new Perth Airport T2 building. Novaproducts was chosen as the supplier for this project after discussing and presenting samples of the tactile ground surface indicators (TGSIs). 

Novaproducts faced many challenges during the installation of the TacAlert tactile indicators, such as working with and around the public, and strict airport guidelines.

When the disabled access consultant deemed the standard colour stainless steel as ‘insufficient contrast’, Novaproducts custom created a black anodised stainless steel finish on the TacAlert tactile indicators to meet the required contrast guidelines for TGSIs.

The installers had over 8000 holes to drill, and over 5000 TacAlert tactile indicators to install with minimal interruptions to the everyday life of the public at the airport. Novaproducts’ quick installation method enabled the project to be completed in a short amount of time. 

Along with the TacAlert tactile indicators, Novaproducts also supplied and installed other products at the TWA - T2 Perth Airport including entrance matting and wall cladding.