Novaproducts Global has developed an innovative range of design orientated, modular-truss space frame systems known as Nova-Span Space Frame.

The systems are simple and elegant, and they offer a flexible, lightweight building alternative.

The space frame systems are highly versatile, and can be suspended, cantilevered or mounted on columns.

Nova-Span Space Frames can support a range of roof types, metal decking and sky lighting formats.

Ideal for more difficult building functions, these space frame systems can be used for multi complex levels along with curved or vaulted designs.

The space frame systems offer both structural strength and a pleasing aesthetic design.

The space frame systems are built up from a multiplicity of common size members, and they can be produced in an efficient manner.

The space frame systems are comprised of relatively small sized components, which allows for economies to be achieved in handling transport and erection.

The Nova-Span Space Frame is subsequently well suited to isolated sites or in situ erection.

The space frame systems are ideal for those applications that require large span structures, such as industrial buildings, exhibitions halls, sports stadiums and swimming centres.

This is because large span structures can be designed with minimal interference from internal supports when using the space frames.

Nova-Span Space Frames are modular systems with a range of module sizes. They can be varied to suit any design aesthetic or structural requirement.

The space frame systems are available in a range of different types, including Geodesic Dome structures.