Rubber floors made from SBR rubber are increasingly being considered for various commercial applications, especially in high traffic environments. Styrene Butadiene Rubber or SBR is a synthetic rubber with no natural rubber content.

SBR rubber floors are recommended for institutional facilities, gyms, garages, basements and workshops for several reasons. Rubber flooring is resilient, flexible and durable, resistant to burns and dents, and perfect for allergy sufferers. Rubber is also impervious to liquid, warm underfoot, and easy to clean.

Rubber floors allow seamless installations, making them perfect for environments where bacteria and infections are a threat, and for spaces that require frequent and intensive cleaning. SBR floors are manufactured with antimicrobial properties throughout the product. SBR is not poisonous or noxious when burning, allowing safe egress.

Rubber flooring has excellent slip resistance, exceeding ADA/BCA recommendations for slip resistance on flat dry surfaces. The resilient surface also reduces the potential for injury in the event of a fall, and minimises leg and back fatigue.

Key benefits of SBR rubber flooring also include dimensionally stable material; greater sound absorbance than common vinyl flooring; resistance to heavy impact loads, cigarette burns and chemical spills; simple maintenance requirements with no waxing required; natural resistance to damage from gouges and scuffs because of their homogeneous construction; superior colour uniformity; unlimited custom graphic and design options; and no health or environmental concerns.

The GECA certified Artigo SBR flooring from Novaproducts Global is available in many styles and colours to suit every design requirement. Key considerations including safety, walking comfort, and hygiene have been incorporated into Artigo rubber flooring during manufacture.