Novaproducts Global has released WK222 solvent free contact adhesive that comes as a result of the demand by the flooring industry for solvent free glue that works effectively.

WK222 is a water based neoprene adhesive for all types of constructional contact bonding.

These solvent free flooring adhesives feature advanced rolling and brushing properties and are suitable for use on absorbent and non absorbent substrates. It is recommended for interior use only.

WK222 contact adhesives have an extensive contacting bonding time and retain high initial bonding power and final strength. They are non-flammable and meet high requirements for occupational and environmental protection. It also has a high resistance to plasticisers.

WK222 solvent free adhesives are able to withstand foot traffic and load bearing immediately.

Novaproducts Global also has a wide range of other adhesives, in particular the well known and used KE2000s adhesive. Please contact Novaproducts Global for more information, application details and safety data.