Novaproducts Global offers fully incorporated floor, wall and ceiling expansion joint sealants for a variety of applications including thermal and seismic conditions, interior, exterior and deck applications, and for use as a fire blanket and moisture barrier.  

The Seismic expansion joint sealants are available in floor, wall, ceiling and exterior models as seismic movement may be horizontal, vertical or shear. These expansion joints have been designed specifically to secure structures effected by earthquake activity and movement.  

The Novaproducts range of thermal expansion joint sealants have been engineered to manage the thermal movement caused by temperature changes within the structure. Floor, wall and ceiling expansion joints systems are available.  

The Novaproducts fire barrier expansion joint range includes a Firestop system and a Fire Blanket system, both designed to prevent fire and smoke from penetrating an expansion joint opening for specified rating period. The fire barriers can allow more time for evacuation from a burning structure.