Novaproducts Global offers rubber wheel stops as a great, reliable and lightweight alternative to concrete.

With a large focus on health, safety and environment, Novaproducts has ensured the rubber wheel stops feature hi-vis yellow chevron patterns on the black rubber for improved visibility. There is no painting required.

Wheel stops are made with 100% recycled rubber – a softer product, which significantly reduces injuries in case of tripping.

These rubber wheel stops are easy to install with just three simple fixings, and can be lifted and installed by one person, reducing labour costs.

The stops come with asphalt spikes that are 250mm in length, meaning they are simply hammered into any asphalt surface to secure the wheel stop in place. Concrete anchors and adhesive options are also available.

Novaproducts Global has ensured the wheel stops comply with AS2890.1 and have also developed versions suited for use on raw dirt mine sites.