Available from Novaproducts Global , rubber speed control humps offer a lightweight and easy to install alternative to concrete speed humps.

The rubber speed humps are full compliant with AS2890.1 and provide a low risk hazard due to the rounded end caps. They come in 250mm modules for ease of building to desired length, while providing flexibility for the client.

Rubber speed humps from Novaproducts feature built in reflectors to improve night time visibility while helping to reduce the risk of pedestrians tripping. They also have a slip resistant surface.

As the speed bumps are exceptionally lightweight they are easy to transport and can be installed by just one person.

These rubber speed control humps measure 50mm high, 350mm wide, and 250mm long. The end caps measure 170mm.

Novaroducts can be contacted for more information, pre-written specifications and samples.