Novaproducts Global presents a range of rubber wheelstops and speed humps designed to improve safety, especially in vehicle parking areas.

Novaproducts wheelstops are designed to protect vehicles and property from damage, preventing drivers from overshooting designated parking bays. Featuring a hi-visibility chevron pattern, the wheelstops are manufactured from 100% recycled rubber. Being much softer than concrete, they reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians and damage to vehicles if they are knocked.

Over 50kg lighter than concrete, Novaproducts rubber wheel stops can easily be lifted and installed by one person. Three simple fixings are supplied for easy installation and no concreting is required. Different fixings are available for different surfaces.

Compliant with AS2890.1, the rubber wheelstops are resilient, tough and economical, and recommended for most installations.

Novaproducts Global currently has ample stocks of wheel stops, which can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

Novaproducts also offers rubber speed humps manufactured from 100% recycled rubber and featuring built-in reflectors for added visibility in low-light conditions.

Supplied in easy-to-move 300mm black or yellow modules, the humps can be installed to any length required. End caps are rounded to reduce the risk of pedestrian trip hazard.