Novaproducts Global celebrates thirteen years of manufacturing and supplying commercial grade Novatred Aluminium Matting, an attractive dirt barrier designed to capture dirt and moisture at the entrance of  a building.

Novatred was developed through working closely with the matting industry and provides a designer style mat which gives a soft but sturdy feel underfoot, whilst working to remove both dirt and moisture without the excessive noise normally associated with this type of matting.

Thirteen years of manufacture, supply and installation of Novatred has demonstrated that the durability of the entrance matting proving that it can withstand the test of time.

  • Novatred 2000 is manufactured from high quality nylon cut pile matting insert and has excellent clean-off properties.
  • Novatred 1000 uses an economical carpet insert has excellent U.V. resistance.
Novatred Entrance Matting is ideal for entrances with volumes of high traffic such as offices, educational facilities, performance and entertainment centres, shopping centres and high rise apartments.