Novproducts Global introduces a new range of printed graphic cladding products for use in architecture design projects.  

Available in two types, Vitrapanel compressed fibre cement panels and Novabond aluminium composite panels, the cladding products allow printing of any type of graphic work on the panels.  

Novaproducts cladding products are designed to meet the artwork requirements of many government buildings with the graphic panels serving the decorative purpose while also providing external or internal cladding for the building. 

Once Novaproducts printed graphic cladding panels are printed with the graphic design, a unique long lasting coating is applied to provide UV, graffiti and dirt resistance, ensuring the durability of the design for a long time. The coating allows Novaproducts to offer a 15-year warranty on the panels.   

Novaproducts has recently completed a number of printed graphic panel projects at Ellenbrook, a university in Mount Lawley, a private residence in Salter Point and several schools around the Metro area.