Novabond Aluminium Composite Panel, available from Novaproducts Global , is coated with a Harz coating which characterises no chromatism, good flatness, acid and alkali resistance and chemical salt spray resistance.

The three layers of Novabond wall panelling are compounded together by high performance macromolecule lamination film under a specific temperature condition; this achieves superior peeling strength.

Novabond wall cladding is durable and light in weight compared to aluminium sheet, stainless steel and acrylic sheet and enamel.

The Harz coated surface allows Novabond to retain good colour consistency and to diversify colours by eliminating colour variations and surface unevenness. Novabond Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) can withstand most kinds of chemical reactions such as rough weather, infrared rays and ultraviolet rays.

By low thermal conductivity and sandwiched composition structure, Novabond has an effect of retardant heat flow. Therefore, Novabond aluminium panel is an effective finish material for heating, air conditioning and preventing condensation.

The physical character of Novabond exterior cladding includes tensile bonding strength, simple bending strength and bending moment; this expands the boundary of the panel fabrication. These same properties also allow fabricating stability and installation safety.