Novaproducts Global  has been appointed the exclusive distributor of Artigo rubber flooring in Western Australia.

The ultimate collaboration of technology, creativity and environmental awareness, Artigo floor coverings have been developed over nearly 100 years in conjunction with Pirelli, Mondo and Sottsass Associati. Artigo flooring is made from rubber, a naturally occurring as well as synthetically produced petroleum by-product, which does not deplete natural resources.

Offering an innovative solution to some of the most demanding floor situations in hospitals, shopping centres, railway stations, cinemas and hotels, Artigo rubber flooring delivers several benefits in the installed space including environmental advantages, easy cleaning, durability, hygiene, high fire safety, non-static properties and quick installation among others.

Artigo rubber floor coverings are manufactured without highly toxic substances with low emission of VOC to strict German standards. The product conforms to most rigorous European environmental standards.
Easily cleaned, Artigo rubber floors have been surface treated for better resistance to chemicals and staining. The dense, sealed surface and perfect joining methods create seamless, hygienic floors.
Key benefits also include exceptional lifespan, high comfort factor, light weight, and high fire safety.