Novaproducts Global supplied its IPC Novaprotect door and wall protection system to the Albany Health Campus in Western Australia.

Formulated to reduce painting and maintenance costs on walls and doors, the IPC Novaprotect system resists denting and piercing, and helps to keep surfaces more hygienic and easier to clean.

Novaproducts Global supplied IPC Novaprotect Door and Wall protection, hand railing, kick plates, corner guards and matting at the Albany Health Campus. 

The architects were offered a wide choice with over 17,000 combinations of colours and patterns, and wood and metal options, helping them match to perfection. 

The high impact surface of the IPC Novaprotect system protects interior walls and doors from being damaged. 

The handrails are engineered to provide an ultimate grasp for all users. The handrail also protects interior walls from damage. The product can sustain knocks and impact, and rebound to the original form compared to stainless steel, which retains deformation.

Novaproducts Global offers Inprocorp HR9 and 900 handrails, which are part of the Silhouette handrail family and can also be used as standalone handrail. The 3500 Silhouette handrail series also offers a high-grip surface.