Novaproducts Global , who manufacture and distribute architectural building products, have recently released an innovative and economical option for applications requiring Stainless Steel Tactiles.

Based on a regular counter-sunk (screw through) tactile, the Green-Tac* by Novaproducts Global is 32% lighter than standard tactiles due to the design, which uses considerably less stainless steel in the manufacturing process.

Other benefits include:

  • very lightweight with reduced freight costs - Green-Tac* Tactiles ‘stack’ together, which also reduces the volume of freight
  • Green-Tac* Tactiles are suitable for installation on concrete, wood, paving, low-pile, hard carpet and vinyl surfaces
  • Green-Tac* Tactiles are suitable for interior or exterior applications.
In addition to the obvious benefits, consider the following if your project requires tactiles:
  • GREAT LOOKING: Stainless Steel Green-Tac* Tactiles look smart and professional compared to other tactile options such as PVC and ceramic. Your project will benefit from the appearance of expensive stainless steel tactiles without the added costs
  • DURABLE: Stainless Steel Tactiles are durable and will help reduce maintenance costs due to wear and tear.
  • IN STOCK NOW!  Don’t wait for products to be shipped from overseas!  Novaproducts have excellent stocks of the new Green-Tac* and orders can be sent promptly.
In addition to Green-Tac*, Novaproducts stock a full range of regular Stainless Steel Tactiles, PVC Tactiles in a huge range of colours and Ceramic Tactiles.  Call Novaproducts today to place your order or request a brochure.