Novaproducts Global presents the Boardwalk entrance matting, which is designed to effectively remove a large part of the dirt and moisture tracked into buildings.

Statistics indicate that over 70% of the dirt and moisture in commercial and public buildings is carried in by foot and wheeled traffic. Up to 90% of this tracked-in dirt and moisture can be removed with an effective entrance matting system such as the Boardwalk entrance mat. 

Part of a wide range of entrance matting products offered by Novaproducts Global to meet all requirements, Boardwalk entrance matting is easy to install and functions as an excellent primary barrier against dirt being brought into buildings.

Suitable for medium levels of foot and wheeled traffic in internal applications, Boardwalk entrance mats are perfect for schools, offices and retail buildings. Its non-metallic construction allows the mat to be installed even in areas where electronic tagging systems operate.

Key features of the Boardwalk entrance matting include suitability for interior applications, removing a high percentage of moisture and an interlocking modular system.

It is furthermore suitable for high heels and stilettos, compatible with electronic tagging systems, and is easy to maintain and kept clean for a professional look. 

Patented worldwide; and manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 Standards, the Boardwalk entrance matting is easy to install.