Norament tiles from Nora Quality Rubber Flooring Systems were installed at Guy’s Hospital in London, United Kingdom during a 2015 refurbishment of the facility.

Guy’s Hospital, part of the Guys and St Thomas Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, installed Norament 926 Satura tiles in the main entrance and waiting areas of the hospital. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, these areas receive approximately 15,000 people a week, requiring a flooring solution that could withstand the heavy traffic.

Norament 926 Satura rubber flooring was the perfect choice for the installation as it met both aesthetic and functional requirements of the brief. Offering a subtle tone in tone granular design, the rubber flooring features a hammerblow surface for easy cleaning as well as to provide for an extremely hardwearing surface for heavy traffic areas.

Norament Grano tiles, which were installed in the lift lobbies during a previous refurbishment, continue to look good after several years. Nora flooring doesn’t need any coating, avoiding shutdown times during maintenance.