Introducing [email protected]’s hand-poured recycled glass tiles. The colour ranges are Retro and delicious Marble Glass, both with two fabulous finishes – the iridescent glossy ‘Pearl’ that catches and reflects light from every angle, and the soft, elegantly flat finish of ‘Silk’. There is deliberate variegation of colour, tone, shade and size, with rough-cut edges. In the surface you will notice creases, wrinkles and waves, enhancing the handmade textural nature of the tile. All colours are available in both finishes, thereby giving you 50 options!

Tiles are 25mm x 25mm, supplied paper-faced on sheets 327mm x 327mm. Paper facing means better tile adhesion to the substrate, and there will be no mesh visible through the glass.

This is a genuinely handmade, eco-friendly product that evokes memories of old bottles, the swinging sixties and lollypops - all for half the price of other glass tiles.