Nomalon Imports  offer the Ultra Premium Viking BBQ, a top of the range barbeque for cooking.

Viking offer professional quality barbeques direct from the USA. These barbeques are made to order to suit every requirement when cooking.

With a Viking at home, one can make a statement about one’s lifestyle. Having a barbeque like this displays to all how serious one is about the quality of cooking.

Whether intend to grill it, smoke it or cook it on a rotisserie, with Viking one can prepare meals like a professional chef.

One can prepare meat, fish, vegetables or breads in any style with a Viking.

The Ultra Premium Viking BBQ is easy to clean and maintain. These aesthetically pleasing barbeque units have also been featured on TV shows such as Iron Chef America, Friends, Sex and the City and The Apprentice.

With its robust durability and performance, it gives tasty food for any occasion over many years.