Available from Nomalon Imports , Royal Kamado ceramic barbecue grills have superb control over the fire and can produce delicious gourmet results every time. 

The heavy ceramic construction and tight seal of the barbecue holds and controls the heat, reducing charcoal usage to half or a quarter of standard charcoal barbecue grills. 

Royal Kamado ceramic barbecue grills can used to produce a slow smoked finish, intense heat for steaks and seafood and as a wood fired brick oven for pizza, bread and more. Temperature resistant ceramics and quality stainless steel alloys ensure corrosion free longevity.

Royal Kamado ceramic barbecue grills feature stainless steel hinges, bands, springs and hardware and a stainless steel cart that is robust, lightweight and simple to assemble.

The stainless steel top and bottom dampers allow for adjustment of airflow and grill temperature while any type of cooking implement can be used with the stainless steel cooking grid without fear of chipping or scratching.

Charcoal and wood can be added to the fire without the need to remove the cooking grid as there is a hinged access door on the grid.

The unique wood chip feeder system in the ceramic barbecue grills removes the need to open the lid to add smokerchips, meaning that the cooking cycle is not interrupted. The sealed dome of the barbecue helps to enhance the flavour while minimising flare ups.

Royal Kamado barbecue grills start quickly, use minimal charcoal and require minimal maintenance.