The PVC products from Nolan.UDA covers features such as UV stabilized, mildew resistant, tear resistant, excellent welding properties, high resistance to soiling, acrylic lacquered finish, high tenacity polyester yarn, fire retardant and supported by Nolan warranty. The industrial PVC coated fabric from Nolan.UDA includes varieties such as side curtain, tarpaulin ETS, tarpaulin TS, tarpaulin GP, Tarpaulin PT and Tarpaulin FR. The woven polyethylene fabrics from Nolan.UDA are formulated from UV stabilized HDPE yarn with UV inhibitors incorporated in the PE coating.

The woven polyethylene fabrics are lightweight, durable outdoor fabric with high strength to weight ratio. The main features of woven polyethylene fabric comprises of UV stabilized, weldable and high strength to weight ratio. With reference to architectural fabrics, proTEX MARQUEE OP is one of the premium grade coated PVC block out fabric that are specially designed in terms of marquee and light to medium weight tension structure. The important features offered by proTEX MARQUEE OP consists of smooth bright white surface, unique weldable PVDF coating, dual film block out system, dimensional stability, 2.5 and 3 metre width options, high tear and tensile strength, high resistance to soiling, UV stabilized, mildew resistance.