Products from the Autex Commercial Carpet range have been installed at several schools around Australia. This editorial revisits some of the school projects completed in 2009, 2010 and 2014 to demonstrate the longevity of the Autex Commercial Carpet range.

St Ives Primary

Installation date: 2009

The school required the carpet to be installed on the main playground, which meant the area had to be accessible for students all year round. Multisport was recommended for the application as it provided the durability, comfort and UV performance required for such an environment. Some of Multisport’s benefits include non-woven surface standing up to rigorous wear with no zippering or fraying; richer aesthetics when compared to concrete; and ability to enhance the usability of the space with the carpet being cooler to sit on in summer and warmer in winter.

Covenant Christian School, Belrose

Installation date: 2010

Any application involving outdoor education areas will need to consider factors such as high-thoroughfare and extreme weather during carpet selection. The project brief sought a high quality and durable carpet that combined enhanced safety with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Reef from the Autex Commercial Carpet range was recommended for the application. Six years since the installation, the carpet continues to deliver excellent performance, standing up to the high usage as well as the harsh Australian elements.

The Ponds School

Installation date: 2014

Most education projects seek flooring solutions that are not only durable but also bring character and practicality to the environment. Avondale from the Autex commercial range is one of the most adaptable carpets available in the market with its durable, fine ribbed finish complemented by a contemporary colour offering to meet all project requirements. Key benefits such as easy care and maintenance, durability and UV performance make the Avondale carpet an ideal choice for the school's multi-purpose learning space.

The Autex Commercial Carpet range is available from Nolan UDA Pty Ltd.

Image: Avondale from the Autex commercial range at The Ponds School