Nolan UDA Pty Ltd announces an updated collection of carpet tiles consisting of 22 new designs in addition to all the popular favourites.

Nolan Carpets first introduced a versatile and stylish range of carpet tiles from the globally renowned TOLI Corporation of Japan in 2013. The updated 2016 carpet tile range comprising of old and new designs is guaranteed to breathe new life into any commercial interior.

The new designs in the latest collection include Luceart carpet tiles featuring a unique pattern inspired by the tranquil beauty of nature and adding a calming vibe to the environment.

Another design, Orvie embraces history and the rich character of handmade design. Inspired by the cobblestones of Europe, Orvie makes an impactful statement in any commercial interior.

Contemporary design is gradually embracing the industrial minimalistic trend, which may not always be practical for all commercial workspaces. The Mortarclay carpet tile range has been developed to embrace the aging process of concrete, and complements the hard surfaces often associated with a minimalistic design.

Aged timber and exposed bricks provide interesting aesthetics, but have limitations with style and functionality. Veniche offers a unique solution by combining a distressed timber look with the warmth and acoustic benefits of carpet.

Image: Orvie embraces history and the rich character of handmade design