Architects create ‘environments for the eyes’ with design for commercial environments often focusing on visual aesthetics.

However, designing for ears creates an experience and ensures the environment sounds as good as it looks. It positively affects the behaviour, productivity and even the health and well-being of its users.

In his presentation on ‘Why architects need to use their ears’, founder and chairman of the UK based Sound Agency Julian Treasure explains creating a calm ambience is essential, especially for the health and education industries.

Autex Quitespace range of products from Nolan.UDA provides a solution to reduce reverberation.

Quitespace is a range of specifically designed acoustic products which includes decorative wall coverings, high specification acoustic panels and work systems.

A selection of colours, textures and options are available in each range, providing a functional and stylish finish that is only limited by the designer’s imagination.

Watch the video below to view Julian Treasure’s presentation on why architects should use their ears.