Nolan UDA have delivered a stylish and adaptable flooring solution for the Adelaide Oval that’s easy to maintain and resistant to food and drink stains, as well as mud, sweat and blood.

Whilst often known as the city of churches, Adelaide is also renowned as the as one of Australia’s most iconic places to watch cricket. As you can imagine, plans to upgrade the historic Adelaide Oval presented many challenges that included balancing the need to increase patronage as well as aligning with the oval’s original aesthetics.

Nolan UDA were charged with supplying 2,800sqm of commercial flooring that needed to be able to withstand the thoroughfare of thousands of fans and the mess that is part and parcel with a crowd. Additionally to this, the brief stated that the carpet would also to be used in the players’ changing rooms, which means it would have to be immune to mud, sweat and even blood. As TV cameras would frequently film the room, the carpet had to look smart and be easy to maintain.

The solution came from the Autex range of commercial carpets. Autex Avondale provides a simple, yet elegant look with a resilient carpet range that has a history of proven performance. Autex can handle the wear and tear of a major sporting event, whilst ensuring the Adelaide Oval will continue to looks its best.

The Adelaide Oval is one of the many venues that have been enhanced with the Autex carpet range. Nolan.UDA is proud to have supplied Autex carpet to almost all major sporting stadiums across Australia. Please contact us if you have a similar project that requires a solution.