Zoning a ducted air conditioning system can save lots of money, says Hamish Wall, director of Nicholls Air .

Zoning specific areas of a house with a ducted air conditioning system because they are used at different times of the day can save money in both the size of the unit required (measured in kilowatts) and, therefore, the capital cost and also the on-going running or operational costs.

Hamish Wall explains, “By zoning a home in say two distinct zones, say daytime and nightime you can decrease the size of the air conditioning unit required to cool a home.” This can decrease the cost of installation by up to $1500.00 in some cases.

Some homes will also require a three phase power upgrade for some air conditioning systems over 14kw, but the new digital systems will run on single phase up to 16kw. So if, for example, you zone a home into three areas with the intention of only ever running two of the three zones at any one time you may be able to save the cost of a three phase power upgrade by installing a smaller single phase air conditioning unit.

The zoning of these areas can be directed from the wall controller hard wired into your home. Wall goes on to say, “I also think it is a popular misconception that ducted air conditioning is very expensive. For example we explain to a lot of people that want to install multiple split systems that for a very similar price we could install a zoned ducted air conditioning system without all the heads and it will also be much more energy efficient.

“We install a lot of systems between $7,000.00 - $9,000.00 and you do spend a lot of time in your home so it is a worthwhile investment.”

Nicholls Air is a specialist ducted air conditioning business with offices in both Sydney and Brisbane.