Navurban, a contemporary range of embossed decorative surfaces from New Age Veneers for residential and commercial applications, has received Global GreenTag Certification.

One of the world’s best and most respected green product certifications, GreenTag adds credibility and trust to brands around the world. A GreenTag certification is a valuable addition to a brand’s strength in the market, given the increasing awareness about the environment and sustainability among consumers as well as professionals.

Available in an extensive range of colours, textures and designs, Navurban from New Age Veneers meets the high standards of environmental performance required to contribute to Green Star credits in the Materials and Indoor Environmental Quality categories of the Green Star rating tools.

Australia’s only voluntary, comprehensive environmental rating system, Green Star was developed with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) as a tool to assess the environmental design and construction of buildings. Green Star rating tools are available for both commercial projects as well as residential multi-unit constructions.